Our Story

Perfectly Imperfect. An Honest Approach To The Things You Love


  Back in 2015, sitting by the campfire  after a long day of travel by canoe, my wife reached for the axe and noted that the leather sheath protecting the axe head (and her fingers), had split. Taking a closer look, it appeared that a thin piece of leather was all the manufacturer had riveted in place as a safeguard against rocks and flesh. Reaching for my first aid kit, a small needle and some dental floss provided a makeshift fix to see us through the remainder of the trip. Surely we figured, there was a better way!  

Once back home, we set to work designing a better option. If we had encountered this issue, surely others would have as well! Grabbing my pack off the shelf, I pulled out my knife and buck saw and closely examined those items as well. Sure enough, while the makers had worked hard to produce a high quality product, the leather sheaths protecting these items were lacking. 2 days later, with a little frustration, sweat and a bloody thumb, new leather sheaths welcomed their mates. A little heavier and a lot more functional, we knew these creations would stand up to the rigours of wilderness travel for years to come.

Years later, having watched so many quality makers continue to supply consumers with run of the mill, poorly made leather goods, it was time to begin offering options that people could always rely on. Northern Leatherwork’s was born.

Hand made, hand stitched and hand loved, everything produced and shipped from our little shop in Kelowna, British Columbia has been rigorously tested to stand up to not only daily life, but the rigours of the natural elements as well. Be it a wallet, a belt or a knife sheath, our exacting standards are the same. That’s why we guarantee everything we ship for life, no questions asked. Perfectly imperfect, in a world where quality is continually sacrificed for quantity, we think you’ll appreciate our honest approach.